Wild Style Body Care Academy™: THE BASICS COURSE 

-Your comprehensive course to using 100% natural and pure skin care in two weeks and on a budget-

After taking this course:

In order to deal with any SKIN ISSUE, you need to deal with the basics first. Your current routine could be causing your issues.

You want to go natural.

You may be dealing with skin issues such as acne, dark spots, rosacea, dry and aging skin.

You know that what you put on your skin goes into your body and just aren’t down with slathering yourself in chemical-laden products.

You lack the knowledge you need to develop a skin care routine and feel overwhelmed by the insane amount of information out there.

You lack the budget to randomly experiment. Plus, if you are trying products, you aren’t seeing results.


I am thoroughly convinced of two points:

1) Chemicals and carcinogens in body products lead to dis-ease, including allergic skin responses and cancers of all sorts and more.


2) Using natural products is not only fabulous and effective for skin health but also for the Soul. Putting Mother Nature onto our bodies is many indigenous people’s main mode of using medicine – topically. It is medicine and it is soothing and calming.

So, with lessened ill health and more balance and joy, I believe the world changes, even if just a little bit. If using natural products becomes the norm, the change can be large and impactful.

You are confident in developing your own simple and completely natural skin care routines.

You wisely invest in products that have a proven track record over many years of use rather than wasting money on pseudo-naturals.

You are comfortable with the basics of natural skin care, including how to use it effectively, and information on particular oils, clays, herbs, and other natural ingredients.

You are able to discern if a product is truly worth your money.

You practice what you know is best for your body and with competency.

I feel you!

For years I have been only using natural skin care for myself, and have helped others make the transition through consultations, education, and handmade products.

During my Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship, I learned a ton about natural skin care and jumped right into making my own products. The transition was quick but the experiment is ongoing!

When I was a teenager I suffered with severe cystic acne and would have swooned to have the information that I share with you in this course.

It has taken me over 10 years of applied study and lots of money in ingredients to distill the most important and basic principles and practices to use 100% natural body care. To be honest, funding the many herbs, oils, essential oils, clays, and other lovely earth-based ingredients has gotten me into the hole more than once! I did it out of passion and so I can share this valuable information with you.

Simple Self-Directed Format

Bonus #1: Grounding Through Natural Skin Care



A 10 minute audio on the one essential oil that has so many benefits, it may be worth the investment.

Value $17

4) Transform Dry Skin

An 8 page report highlighting some of the very best herbs to use in your skin care formulations.

Value $17

Bonus #2: Rose Essential Oil

7 Individual Lessons that will teach you everything you need to customize your skin care routines, including: 

12 page guide diving into the how to use oils part of skin care to keep your skin dewy and elastic.

Value $37

I have packed tons of content into this course yet kept it to the essence that you need without being overwhelming. 

After purchase, materials are immediately available forever.

13 page manual and 26 minute audio will assist you in turning around dry skin naturally. Even if this isn’t an issue now, it often becomes one as people age.

Value $47

5) Top 10 Herbs for Skin Care

1) Wild Style Body ™ 101

A 10 page guide through natural skin care basics, including skin types, seasons, 5 factors for skin health, cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, recipes, and more.

Value $27

A 23 page manual complete with a natural skin care ritual, packed with valuable information on herbs and recipes for skin care. This lesson will take you through the bigger picture around why to go natural and the price that society pays through being cut off from nature.

Value $47

2) Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Moisturizing: Using Roots, Powders, and Flowers for the Skin

An 18 page manual and 34 minute audio going deeper into how to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin properly using budget-friendly natural products.

Value $47

Learn natural skin care now.

3) Oils, Serums, and Ointments

Valued at $239

I am Michelle, Owner of Wildly Natural Skin Care and long-time experimenter.

Along with my experimenting, I have degrees in Chemistry, a Masters of Science, and Herbal Medicine certification.

Since 2003, I have been toying with and applying natural ingredients to my body in the search for healthy, anti-aging, and effective skin care.

I have written mucho articles and had my own skin care line, based on good research and testing (on myself, clients, and friends)!

Go from feeling like you are lost, overwhelmed, confused, or lack knowledge to being empowered.

Natural Skin Care Routine

Searching the internet relentlessly is making you more and more confused, overwhelmed, and stuck. 

Maybe you have even begun investing in products and try them but back off because you still don’t feel confident.

With this course, you will learn how to have a super effective, pure and natural, organic skin care routine you feel awesome and confident about, leaving room for experimentation as desired (rather than a place of desperation)!

You may be using chemical products still because of being stuck in information overload. 

Feel kinda guilty because you know this isn’t ideal or healthy. Yet, you don’t want to waste money on expensive products that you don’t really trust. 

Maybe it is junk or will leave your skin in worse condition.

Get Unstuck

No More Chemicals

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This course is NOT for you if:

  • You need a personal consultation 
  • Are not self-motivated to read and listen to the materials 
  • Prefer a shot in the dark approach 
  • Want really complicated instructions and formulae 
  • Prefer brand names and expensive packaging 
  • You are already highly experienced with natural skin care theory, practice, and formulation. This is a comprehensive course on the foundations.